I have said for many years that for every dollar you make there are thousands of swindlers lining up to steal it from you! If only people used their cleverness for good, the world would be a better place. However, since that is not likely to happen, we need to protect ourselves and out-maneuver these scoundrels. Here are some of the latest issues and what to do about them:

CAN YOU HEAR ME? - In this gambit, when you answer the phone a voice on the other end will ask: “Can you hear me?” Do not answer.

HANG UP IMMEDIATELY! What they will do if you answer “Yes” is tape record your voice and use it to scam you by acting as if you are saying yes to a number of false transactions. Some savvy consumers have gotten to the point (me included) where we monitor calls on Caller ID and don’t pick up for any number we do not recognize. If the call is important enough and legit, the person can leave a message for you.

FamilyTree.Now - This is a search site that gives information about you and your family members. Although the original intent of this site was most likely innocent and helpful in nature, it has been reported that it is being used for nefarious purposes by bad people. There is an opt out. Go to the site, get your information and then go to the privacy section. They will tell you how to opt out. Don’t let these scoundrels ruin you financially. Be clever in a good way to offset their cleverness for evil. PROTECT YOURSELF!