How do you spell dynasty? I am beginning to think it’s W-E-S-T-L-A-N-D. On Friday, June 23rd, for the second straight year and fourth time in six years the Stars from the Village of Westland won the Village Victory Cup. When asked what the secret is to their winning ways, they replied it’s “the 2 p’s – practice and participation. We participate in every event with the maximum number of allowable participants and we begin practicing weeks in advance.

We’ve found the more people, the more fun and the more you practice the better you get.”

With 265 participants and 96 coaches from 17 communities supported by over 70 volunteers gathered at the Ford Community & Performing Arts Center in Dearborn, this year’s Village Victory Cup was the largest one yet. It was also the loudest. Though we didn’t have a decibel meter to confirm it, the noise from all the spirited cheering rivalled that of a jet engine. In the end, the Sharks from the Village of Redford were deemed the most spirited and were presented with this year’s Spirit Award.

Not to be out done by their southeast Michigan peers, throughout June PVM Villages 100 miles or further from the PVM Home Office competed in the Virtual Village Victory Cup. Participating Villages competed in the games at their respective Villages and reported the results to the PVM Wellness Department, which compiled them to determine the winner. Eighty-eight residents from six communities participated making it, like its counterpart, the largest one to date. It was also the closest. By just a half point, the Hornets from the Village of Hampton Meadows emerged as the victors.